Die heilige DVD-Liste.


9 ½ Weeks (A. Lyne) **

21 Grams (A.G. Iñárritu) ***,5

24 Hour Party People (M. Winterbottom) ***

25th Hour (S. Lee) ***

28 Days Later (D. Boyle) ****

2001: A Space Odyssey (S. Kubrick) ****

A.I. (S. Spielberg)

AC/DC: Family Jewels

Adaptation (S. Jonze) ***,5

Addiction, The (A. Ferrara)

African Queen, The (J. Huston) ***,5

Alexander (O. Stone) ***,5

All The President's Men (A.J. Pakula) ****

Alien (R. Scott) ****

American Beauty (S. Mendes) ****

American Psycho (M. Harron) ***

Amores Perros (A.G. Iñárritu) ***,5

Annie Hall (W. Allen) ***,5

Any Given Sunday (O. Stone) ***

Apocalypse Now Redux (F.F. Copolla) ****

Army Of Darkness (S. Raimi) ***

Ask The Dust (R. Towne)

Bande à Part (J-L. Godard) ****

Barry Lyndon (S. Kubrick) ****

Basic Instinct (P. Verhoeven) ***,5

Batman Begins (C. Nolan) ***

Battle Royale (Kinji Fukasaku) ***,5

Ben-Hur (W. Wyler) ****

Big Red One, The (S. Fuller) ****

Big Sleep, The (H. Hawks) ****

Big Trouble In Little China (J. Carpenter)

Black Hawk Down (R. Scott) ***

Blackout, The (A. Ferrara)

Blood From The Mummy’s Tomb (S. Holt)

Blow Out (B. De Palma) ***

Blue Velvet (D. Lynch) ****

Born On The 4th Of July (O. Stone) ****

Boston Strangler, The (R. Fleischer) **,5

Branded To Kill (Seijun Suzuki)

Bridge On The River Kwai, The (D. Lean) ****

Brokeback Mountain (A. Lee)

Butch Cassidy And The Sundance Kid (G.R. Hill)

Cabin Fever (E. Roth) **,5

Capote (B. Miller)

Carne Trémula (P. Almodóvar)

Carrie (B. De Palma)

Casablanca (M. Curtiz) ****

Casino S.E. (M. Scorsese) ****

Cat O Nine Tails, The (D. Argento)

Catch-22 (M. Nichols)

Cell, The (Tarsem Singh) **,5

Cercle Rouge, Le (J-P. Melville) ****

Chicken Run (P. Lord, N. Park) ****

Cidade De Deus (F. Meirelles, K. Lund) ****

City Lights (C. Chaplin) ****

Clockwork Orange, A (S. Kubrick)

Collateral (M. Mann) ***,5

Constant Gardener, The (F. Meirelles)

Crash (P.Haggis) ***,5

Crouching Tiger Hidden Dragon (A. Lee) ****

Damned, The (L. Visconti)

Dawn Of The Dead (G.A. Romero)

Dawn Of The Dead (2004)(Z. Snyder) **

Day Of The Dead (G.A. Romero)

Dead Or Alive (Takashi Miike)

Dead Ringers (D. Cronenberg) ***

Deep Red (D. Argento) ***,5

Deer Hunter, The (M. Cimino) ****

Dementia 13 (F.F. Coppola)

Demon Slayer, The (M.L. Bristol) **

Demonlover (O. Assayas) **

Devil Rides Out, The (T. Fisher)

Die Hard (J. McTiernan) ****

Dirty Dozen, The (R. Aldrich)

Dirty Harry (D. Siegel) ***

Dog Day Afternoon (S. Lumet) ***,5

Dogville (L. Von Trier) ***,5

Don’t Tell Mom The Babysitter’s Dead (S. Herek)

Donnie Brasco (M. Newell) ***

Doors: Live in Europe 1968, The

Down By Law (J. Jarmusch) ***

Dr. No (T. Young) ***

Dr. Strangelove (S. Kubrick) ****

Drunken Master (Woo-Ping Yuen)

Easy Rider (D. Hopper) ****

Edge Of The World, The (M. Powell) ****

Ehe Der Maria Braun, Die (R.W. Fassbinder)

Elephant (G. Van Sant) ***,5

Elephant Man, The (D. Lynch) ***,5

Elvis: That’s The Way It Is

Eraserhead (D. Lynch)

Erin Brockovich (S. Soderbergh) ***,5

Eternal Sunshine Of The Spotless Mind (M. Gondry) ****

Evil Dead 2: Dead By Dawn (S. Raimi) ***

Evita (A. Parker)

Eyes Wide Shut (S. Kubrick) ***,5

Existenz (D. Cronenberg) ***

Fahrenheit 451 (F. Truffaut)

Faust (B. Yuzna)

Faust, F.W. Murnau’s (F.W. Murnau)

Femme Fatale (B. De Palma) ****

Fight Club (D. Fincher) ****

Flash Gordon (M. Hodges)

Fly, The (D. Cronenberg) ****

Fog Of War, The (E. Morris)

For A Few Dollars More (S. Leone) ****

Friends, Season 8

Full Metal Jacket (S. Kubrick)

Funeral, The (A. Ferrara)

Fury, The (B. De Palma) **,5

Gangs Of New York (M. Scorsese) ****

Gattopardo, Il (L. Visconti)

Ghost Dog: Way Of The Samurai (J. Jarmusch) ***

Gladiator (R. Scott) ****

Glengarry Glen Ross (J. Foley)

Godfather, The (F.F. Coppola) ****

Godfather Part 2, The (F.F. Coppola) ****

Godfather Part 3, The (F.F. Coppola) ****

Goldfinger (G. Hamilton)

Good, The Bad And The Ugly, The (S. Leone) ****

Goodfellas (M. Scorsese) ****

Green Mile, The (F. Darabont) ****

Hana-Bi (Takeshi Kitano)

Heat (M. Mann) ****

Hellraiser (C. Barker) ***

High Noon (F. Zinnemann) ****

Highlander (R. Mulcahy) ***

Himmel Über Berlin, Der (W. Wenders)

His Girl Friday (H. Hawks)

History Of Violence, A (D. Cronenberg)

Hitcher, The (R. Harmon) ***

Horror Of Frankenstein, The (J. Sangster)

Humo DVD 1

Humo DVD 2

Humo DVD 3

Humo DVD 4

Humo DVD 5

Humo DVD 6

Hustler, The (R. Rossen)

Ichi The Killer (Takashi Miike)

In Cold Blood (R. Brooks)

In The Cut (J. Campion) **,5

Infernal Affairs (Wai Keung Lau, Siu Fai Mak) ****

Inherit The Wind (S. Kramer)

Irréversible (G. Noé) ****

Island Of Dr. Moreau, The (J. Frankenheimer) **

J.F.K. (O. Stone) ****

Jarhead (S. Mendes)

Jaws (S. Spielberg) ****

Judgment At Nüremberg (S. Kramer)

K-19: The Widowmaker (K. Bigelow) **

Killing Zoë (R. Avary)

L.A. Confidential (C. Hanson)

La Dolce Vita (F. Fellini)

La Promesse (J-P., L. Dardenne)

Lady From Shanghai, The

Ladykillers, The (A. Mackendrick)

Last House On The Left (W. Craven) ***,5

Last Picture Show, The (P. Bogdanovich) ****

Laura (O. Preminber)

Lawrence Of Arabia (D. Lean) ****

Lenny (B. Fosse)

Little Big Man (A. Penn)

Lolita (S. Kubrick)

Lord Of The Rings: The Fellowship Of The Ring, The (P. Jackson) ****

Lord Of The Rings: The Two Towers, The (P. Jackson) ****

Lord Of The Rings: The Return Of The King, The (P. Jackson) ****

Lord Of The Rings: The Return Of The King, The (extended version) (P. Jackson) ****

Lost Highway (D. Lynch) ****

Lost In Translation (S. Coppola) ***

Lust For A Vampire (J. Sangster)

M (F. Lang) ****

Manchurian Candidate, The (Or.) (J. Frankenheimer) ****

Manderlay (L. Von Trier)

Matrix Reloaded, The (A., L. Wachowski) ****

Mean Streets (M. Scorsese) ***

Memento (C. Nolan) ****

Memories Of Murder (Joon-Ho Bong) ****

Men In War (A. Mann) ***,5

Mépris, Le (J-L. Godard) ****

Million Dollar Baby (C. Eastwood)

Minority Report (S. Spielberg) ***,5

Monkey Kung Fu (Mar Lo)

Mulholland Drive (D. Lynch) ****

My Own Private Idaho (G. Van Sant)

Nacht Van De Wansmaak, De

Naked Kiss, The (S. Fuller)

Natural Born Killers- Director’s Cut (O. Stone)

New World, The (T. Malick)

New York, New York (M. Scorsese)

Nixon (O. Stone) ***

Nosferatu (F.W. Murnau)

Obsession (B. De Palma) ***,5

Ocean’s Eleven (S. Soderbergh) **,5

Old Boy (Park Chan Wook)

Omen, The (R. Donner) ****

One Flew Over The Cuckoo's Nest (M. Forman) ****

Once Upon A Time In The West (S. Leone) ****

One Hour Photo (M. Romanek) ***

Osterman Weekend, The (S. Peckinpah)

Out Of Sight (S. Soderbergh) ***

Patriot, The (R. Emmerich) ***

Pearl Harbor (M. Bay) **,5

Persona (I. Bergman)

Phantom Of The Paradise, The (B. De Palma)


Pixies: Sell Out

Place In The Sun, A (G. Stevens)

Platoon (O. Stone) ****

Postman Always Rings Twice, The (T. Garnett)

Point Blank (J. Boorman)

Proposition, The (J. Hillcoat)

Public Enemy (Woo-Suk Kang)***

Public Enemy, The (W.A. Wellman)

Pulp Fiction (Q. Tarantino) ****

Queens Of The Stone Age: Over The Years And Through The Woods

Raging Bull U.E. (M. Scorsese) ****

Rattle And Hum

Rear Window (A. Hitchcock) ****

Rebel Without A Cause (N. Ray) ****

Red Hot Chili Peppers: Off The Map

Requiem For A Dream (D. Aronofsky) ****

Reservoir Dogs (Q. Tarantino)

Rio Bravo (H. Hawks)

Rocky (J.G. Avildsen)

Rosetta (J-P., L. Dardenne)

Royal Tenenbaums, The (W. Anderson)

Rules Of Attraction, The (R. Avary) ***,5

Saló (P.P. Pasolini)

Sand Pebbles, The (R. Wise)

Scarface (B. De Palma) ****

Scarlet Diva (A. Argento) **,5

Scars Of Dracula (R.W. Baker)

Searchers, The (J. Ford)

Servant, The (J. Losey)

Seven (D. Fincher) ****

Seven Samuraï (A. Kurosawa) ****

Sex, Lies And Videotape (S. Soderbergh) ***,5

Shades (E. Van Looy) **,5

Shadows (D. Argento) ***

Shining, The (S. Kubrick) ****

Shivers (D. Cronenberg) ***

Shock Corridor (S. Fuller)

Sideways (A. Payne)

Silence Of The Lambs, The (J.Demme) ****

Sin City: Extended & Recut (R. Rodriguez & F. Miller) ****

Singin' In The Rain (S. Donnen & G. Kelly)

Sixth Sense, The (M.N. Shyamalan) ****

Snatch (G. Ritchie) ***

Solaris (S. Soderbergh) ****

Some Like It Hot (B. Wilder)

Soylent Green (R. Fleischer) ***,5

Spartacus (S. Kubrick)

Spider (D. Cronenberg) ****

Spiderman 2 (S. Raimi) ***

Star Wars Episode III: Revenge Of The Sith (G. Lucas) ***,5

Star Wars Episode IV: A New Hope

Star Wars Episode V: The Empire Strikes Back

Star Wars Episode VI: Return Of The Jedi

Stendhal Syndrome, The (D. Argento)

Stop Making Sense (J. Demme)

Story Of Ricky, The (Ngai Kai Lam)

Straw Dogs (S. Peckinpah) ***,5

Streetcar Named Desire, A (E. Kazan)

Sunset Boulevard (B. Wilder) ****

Suspiria (D. Argento) ***

Sympathy For Mr Vengeance (Chan-Wook Park)****

Syriana (S. Gaghan)

Targets (P. Bogdanovich) ***,5

Taxi Driver (M. Scorsese) ****

Temps Du Loup, Le (M. Haneke)

Terminator, The (J. Cameron) ***,5

Terminator 2: Judgment Day (J. Cameron) ****

Terminator 3: Rise Of The Machines (J. Mostow) ***

Texas Chainsaw Massacre, The (T. Hooper) ****

Thin Red Line, The (T. Malick) ***,5

Thing, The (J. Carpenter) ***,5

Third Man, The (C. Reed)

This Is Horror

This Is Spinal Tap (R. Reiner)

Three Days Of The Condor (S. Pollack)

Three Kings (D.O. Russell) ***

THX 1138 (G. Lucas) ***,5

To Kill A Mockingbird (R. Mulligan) ****

To Live and Die in L.A. (W. Friedkin)

Tokyo Drifter (Seijun Suzuki)

Tokyo Story (Ozu)

Tootsie (S. Pollack)

Tora, Tora, Tora (R. Fleischer, Kinji Fukasaku) ****

Traffic (S. Soderbergh) ****

Trainspotting (D. Boyle)

True Romance (T. Scott)

Truffaut Box Volume 1 (5 films)

Truffaut Box Volume II (6 films)

Twin Peaks: Season 1

U2: Elevation 2001-Live In Boston

U2: ZooTV

Underworld (L. Wiseman) **,5

Unforgiven (C. Eastwood) ****

United 93 (P. Greengrass)

Usual Suspects, The (B. Singer) ****

Vertigo (A. Hitchcock) ****

Videodrome (D. Cronenberg) ***

When We Were Kings (L. Gast)

White Heat (R. Walsh) ****

Wicker Man, The (R. Hardy)

Wild At Heart (D. Lynch)

Wild Bunch, The (S. Peckinpah) ****

Wizard Of Oz, The (V. Fleming) ****

Wonderboys (C. Hanson) ***,5

Y Tu Mamá También (A. Cuarón) **,5

Young Adam (D. Mackenzie) ***

Zaak Alzheimer, De (E. Van Looy) ***,5

Zebraman (Takashi Miike)


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